Whether you want to explore hills in the countryside or make your commuting healthier, Sport Drive will manage it with ease. But not only that. It will give you the power to reach places you have never explored before, to ride faster, to feel empowered!

Sport Drive is designed to cover all your needs and also open up new opportunities. To form the complete package, the system relies on three essential parts: the powerful motor, battery, and easy-to-control display. Paired with the new IV generation controller all the parts work perfectly together. Resulting in a refined and smooth operation.



Sport Drive system is being updated regularly and the latest IV generation brings numerous improvements. Starting off with the new fully integrated battery, which both stiffens up the frame and makes the bike look super clean. Through the revolutionary 4th generation controller, which now allows refined operation and offers new functions. Closing up with the brand new displays, which are brought to perfection to help you control the whole e-bike in the blink of an eye. 


  • Reconfigured drive unit – even smoother and quieter operation with refined modulation.

  • More powerful drive unit which has user friendly modulation. However, you won’t be disturbed by the noise of the motor while pedalling through calm woods.

  • Battery integration – fresh and smart design, stiffer frame, easy manipulation.

  • The new battery integration adds stiffness and has a cleaner look while maintaining easy manipulation. Giving the possibility of pulling out the battery from the top of the tube. That means the bike looks sleeker, rides better and the battery stays accessible as ever.

  • Water-resistance standard – increased water resistance thanks to an integrated battery and new design. That means you can ride even in the rain and you don’t have to worry while riding through puddles.

  • New displays – new design, more options, showing essentials. You can choose from several new displays offering a wide range of design solutions. From minimalistic to larger and more advanced solutions. 

  • Bike coding, smart way of advanced protection. Protection of your e-bike via coding. Adds security with a simple and quick solution. 

  • New 4th generation controller – connects all the parts of the system, efficient and refined function. The controller makes sure all the parts of your bike interact together perfectly. Making the system operate more efficiently and offering new functions.


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