A sleek new unisex mono frame with a low mounting height, designed for comfortable cycle track rides and urban commuting. The machine is supplied with a Sport Drive mid-motor, a simple Grip display, and a fully integrated battery requiring 7 hours to recharge. The 90 Nm drive unit and the 500 Wh battery allow the bike to cover up to 100 km* after one charging cycle. The model offers full touring and urban ride equipment: a cargo rack, kickstand, lock, lightweight mudguards, and lights fed by the bike’s battery. The main comfort components include, for example, a lockout coil fork and WTB plus ONE1 accessories.

  • COLOUR lesklá mentolová | bílá
  • RAHMEN Alloy Al-6061 T6 Custom Mono tubing, Fun Ride geometrie
  • STEUERSATZ FSA No.10 Semi-Cartrige, 1-1/8“
  • GABEL odpružená Zoom 187D HLO, QR Type / 65 mm
  • Rahmen-GRÖßE M, L

  • E-Bike system Sport Drive, torzní a otáčkový senzor
  • Motor středový Sport Drive MD250S, 90 Nm (36 V, 250 W)
  • 500 W
  • 1/2/3 + Walk
  • BATERRIE integrovaná, Sport Drive, 504 Wh (36 V, 14 Ah)
  • na 50 % za 5 h, na 100 % za 7,5 h
  • ANZEIGE Sport Drive Grip display
  • charger Sport Drive 2A charger
  • Akkulebensdauer po 1 000 cyklech >80 % původní kapacity

  • Licht vorne AXA Blueline 30
  • Licht hinten Spanninga Pling XE

  • SCHALTUNG 1×9, 42×11-36, 327 %
  • Schalthebel Shimano Altus SL-M2010-9R RapidFire Plus, 9 r.
  • SCHALTWERK Shimano Altus RD-M2000 Shadow
  • KETTENRADGARNITUR Wheel Top ED2L, 170 mm, 42 zubů
  • CASSETE Shimano Acera CS-HG200-9, 11-36 zubů
  • PEDALE Marwi SP-827

  • LENKER One1 Alloy, 9° backsweep, zvýšení 6°/25 mm, š. 680 mm, ø 31,8 mm
  • VORBAU One1 Alloy, ø 31,8 mm, d. 65 mm, +15°
  • GRIFFE Velo, Ergo Grip
  • BREMSEN hydraulické Shimano BL-MT200/BR-MT200, kotouč 160/160 mm
  • SATTEL WTB Koda Sport
  • SATTELSTÜTZE One1 Alloy, ø 30,9 mm, d. 350 mm

  • NABE VR Shimano HB-TX505, 32 děr, CL, QR Type
  • NABE HR Shimano FH-TX505-8, 32 děr, CL, M10×135 mm, QR Type
  • FELGEN WTB SX19, 32 děr
  • REIFEN WTB Riddler Comp, 29×1,75", reflexní pásek
  • Speichen Sapim Galvanized Black

  • Gewicht* 24,8 kg (velikost M)

Das Gewicht wird beim Rahmen der Größe M gemessen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf maximale Zuverlässigkeit der Fahrräder, ein Paar Gramm mehr sind deshalb bei der Marke Rock Machine nicht der Rede wert. Das Gewicht wird bei den Spezifikationen des jeweiligen Modells gemessen.

RAHMENGRÖSSE 17.0" (M) 19.0" (L)
WHEELS SIZE 17.0" (M): 29" 19.0" (L): 29"
LÄNGE DES SATTELROHRS (mm) 17.0" (M): 432 19.0" (L): 473
seat tube angle degree 17.0" (M): 74,5 19.0" (L): 74,5
LÄNGE DES RAHMENOBERROHRS (mm) 17.0" (M): 615 19.0" (L): 645
REAch (mm) 17.0" (M): 436 19.0" (L): 466
STACK HEIGHT (MM) 17.0" (M): 625 19.0" (L): 625
LÄNGE DES RAHMENSTEUERROHRS (mm) 17.0" (M): 175 19.0" (L): 175
head tube angle degree 17.0" (M): 68 19.0" (L): 68
LÄNGE DER KETTENSTÜTZE (mm) 17.0" (M): 480 19.0" (L): 480
bb drop (mm) 17.0" (M): 35 19.0" (L): 35
ACHSABSTAND (mm) 17.0" (M): 1210 19.0" (L): 1240
LENKSTANGENLÄNGE (mm) 17.0" (M): 680 - R25 19.0" (L): 680 - R25
VORBAULÄNGE (mm) 17.0" (M): 65 19.0" (L): 65
KURBELLÄNGE (mm) 17.0" (M): 170 19.0" (L): 170
seat post lenght/travel (mm) 17.0" (M): 350 19.0" (L): 350
Number BFI Code Description
999 013.0002.00135-383 Rear derailleur hanger
999 093.0001.00004-802 SD spanner
999 095.0001.00050-312 SD display extension cable 36V
999 095.0002.00020-361 JST Socket housing, XAP, 2 pins, Male
999 095.0002.00040-376 Charging plug
999 095.0004.00015-360 SD 4 gen control unit – BT internal antenne [part: ???, ???]
999 095.0006.00020-312 SD speed sensor including magnet, L450mm
999 095.0008.00024-376 SPORT DRIVE charger, 36V/4A
999 095.0009.00045-312 Gap pad
999 095.0012.00006-378 Diagnostic cable
999 095.0012.00009-800 USB Adapter
999 502.2807.00023.328 Rear carrier
999 503.3282.00162.328 Mudguards set
999 552.3000.00033.CRP SD front light cable 500mm [part: 1.11, 2.11]
999 552.3000.00047.CRP SD rear light cable1500mm
999 595.0010.00023 SD semi-integrated downtube docking station
999 595.0011.00012 SD middle motor MD250S set, semi-integrated downtube [part: 1.1]
999 595.0020.00008 SD semi-integrated downtube lock with 4 keys set [part: 1.13]

Frame size

Your height

We reccomend *

* The recommendation covers most common body types. Always try the bike yourself at the nearest shop!

2021 NOTE: Due to the pandemic and difficulties in the delivery chain arising worldwide & extreme demand for our bikes at the same time, we reserve the right to replace some parts with those at the same level of performance (e.g. different brand, the same level of parts) to keep the overall quality of our bicycles. We’re sorry about that. At the end of the day, riding a bike is the best way of #staypositive ever, no matter what brand your handlebar or any other part is!

Manufacturers reserve the right to vary specifiations, including colors, with or without notice at such times in such manner as deemed appropriate. Major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every effort, however, is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this presentation. Consult your Dealer for details regarding the specifications of any featured product. This presentation shall not constitute - under any circumstances whatsoever - an offer by the Company to any individual. All sales are made by the Distributor or Dealer subject to and with the benefit of the standard Conditions of Sale and Warranty provided by the Distributor or Dealer, copies of which may be obtained upon request. While efforts are made to ensure specification accuracy cannot always immediately reflect either change in specification or in some isolated cases the provision of a particular feature. Customers are always advised to discuss specific details with the supplying Dealer, especially if a selection is dependent upon one of the features advertised.* The range of the e-bike depends on many factors such as the rider's weight, the track profile, the level of assistance, gear settings, the wind, etc., so the information is indicative and may vary.

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