The 2020 Bikes Collection


The physical demands combined with riding abilities make enduro racing almost perfect definition of mountain biking. Nothing will get you to the top of the hill and then back but your legs, lungs and skills. Inputs collected while racing at the competitive level, where the bike and rider are exposed to the harshest conditions possible, are priceless. However the 2020 collection is a result of the knowledge we have gained not only on racing courses but on our home trails as well. You can take our word for it:
Rock Machine bikes are designed, developed and assembled right at the foot of magnificent Beskyd mountains. We know what we are doing.
More than a quarter of a century.

2020 Bikes Collection

Händler in Ihrer Nähe

Kola Pešek a syn I

1034 km away

U Elekrárny 306

53002 Pardubice - Čeperka

Picton Cycles

5673 km away

High St 11-13

L15 8HE Liverpool

Brattørkaia Sykkel AS

6094 km away

Brattørkaia 15AB

7010 Trondheim

VOF Fietsen Opsomer

6155 km away

Hillesteenweg 20

8750 Wingene


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If you want to burn, be on fire! From the first pencil sketch, through prototype testing and debugging to the finished product tested in the most rigorous labs by the engineers and on the trails by our ambassadors and us.

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